Summer days (catching up 365 project) // Bateman Bay children photographer

January Fourth  to the thirteenth Twenty 13.

This past week we had the privilege of spending sometime in Canberra. Our dear friends allowed us to stay in their home while they where away.  The weather was quite a bit hotter than the bay but we soon climatized and as sit here and write this post I have jeans, long sleeve top and even socks on.

So here I am catching up.  I’ll be putting the photos in order from the fourth of Jan till the twelfth.


The kids all crammed into this little paddling pool to escape the heat.  I know this technically isn’t a good shot but it really captures the moment.  Living down the coast and being on tank water having water fights and little pools has been a thing of the past for the kids.  So they all really enjoyed the opportunity  to splash and cool off!

cooling off 5/365I couldn’t decide between these frames so decided to add both.  Mister J is such a clown.


7_365 Before the day heated up we headed out to the skatepark.  I think we must have beat the rush as the boys where the only ones on the park.  All the teenagers where probably still in bed.

8_365 Tuesday was one of the hottest days I’ve experienced getting up to about 41 degrees.  We spent most the day indoors chilling out watching movies.  This frame was taken in the afternoon in a brief moment of where the temperature dropped.  I just adore the golden light in this one.

9/365Do you remember playing Guess Who ? I have fond memories of playing this when I was little.  This is a very similar version Mister L and I had great fun with it.


I love the way they lounge.  We have a points system going while we’re on summer holiday.  The kids can earn ipad time by doing extra chores or random acts of kindness like folding the washing for me or taking it off the line etc.. It seems to be working!

11_365 While in Canberra we had the opportunity to catch up with many dear friends! The kids had great fun in the pool.12_365 This frame is also part of my 52 project which will finish up in June.  I think this is one of my favourites so far.  I love the way they love each other I hope they stay close as they grow up.

So that sums up the week the day of the 13th is an iphone pic which I will add later as I didn’t have time to pull out the big camera.

Hope your week is going well and your keeping cool. Remembering all those who have lost in the recent fires xx

~ Kylie