Project 52 Summer // Batemans Bay family photographer

6th February Twenty 16. I took Miss Liana out last week to capture a little bit of summer as Summer was the chosen theme for this week 52 project. Surfing,beach,sunsets and sunbursts or all things warm makes me think of … Read More

Favourite things and getting back to routine// Batemans Bay family photographer

29th January Twenty 16. I have been in total holiday mode lately loosing track of what day it is, staying up late and then sleeping in. When the theme came up for routine as part of my 52 week project … Read More

Day dreamer { 365 project}// Batemans Bay children photographer

January fourteen Twenty 13. Today been fairly relaxed all the kids have been excited to be home again and playing with their toys like they where new! This has meant I’ve been able to catch up on editing out time … Read More

Summer days (catching up 365 project) // Bateman Bay children photographer

January Fourth  to the thirteenth Twenty 13. This past week we had the privilege of spending sometime in Canberra. Our dear friends allowed us to stay in their home while they where away.  The weather was quite a bit hotter … Read More

Peace at last { 365 project}// Batemans Bay children photographer

Twenty three 13 We’ve all been quite tired after christmas so after a afternoon with dear friends, beach and bed the kids had an early night. Hoping for a more peaceful day tomorrow.

New beginnings { photo a day for 365 days} January first and second 13 // Bateman Bay child photographer

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January first and second 13 New year has arrived so its time to begin new project or continue ones unfinished. As you may have noticed I enjoy having many projects going at once. This year I want embark on a … Read More

Spring has sprung 10 on 10 { 10 photos taken on the 10th of each month} // Batemans Bay children photographer

September 10th, 2012 Today was a fairly typical school day for us.  Im really enjoying spring I think along side autumn it’s my favourite season.  Anyway I won’t waffle and let the photos tell the story of our day. Miss … Read More

10 on 10 Aug edition { ten photos taken on the tenth of the month}// Batemans Bay newborn photographer

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Aug 10, 2012 I wasn’t so organised this month I only realised it was the tenth when I was looking at my Instagram feed and the lovely Sharon had posted a IG photo which reminded me. The kids spent many … Read More

10 on 10 June // Batemans Bay children photographer

June 10th, 2012 Sunday long weekend I’m finding this project to be really stretching me. Its  making me push past trying to be perfect and take captures that are technically acceptable  and rather stop and just capture the details and … Read More

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