New year personal project//Batemans bay family photographer

January 5th Twenty 16.

Wow feels so weird to be typing in 2016 already! The years seem to fly by even faster as I get older.
I love new years a time to re evaluate the year gone past and set new goals to work toward in the coming year.
Last year was a huge year for me meeting so many lovely old and new clients and then ending with me being profiled with Exhibbit my online exhibition and then finishing up my diploma in photo imaging through CATC which was big achievement.

You might be asking yourself well what next?
One of the many things I love about photography is you are forever growing the more you learn the more there is still to learn. I guess thats life its a journey of forever learning, growing and enjoying the ride.

I have been enjoying the break with study now finished but have decided to embark on a new personal project. I have come to discover also that to be great photographer you need to be disciplined its not just theory you need go out and shoot continue to practise and practise and create good work.
With that in mind I have joined a group called Clickmoms which is group/forum for women photographers they are running a 52 week challenge where you take a image a week with a theme and the post it in the group. I intent on sharing my images taken here as well as in the forum as creative person being able to share my work is just as important as creating it!

Anyway sorry for huge ramble the first week is title: This is me.