Everybody has a story.

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I had the privilege of attending a workshop run by Open ABC called the “Moment behind the photo story ” in Tomikan on the south east coast, NSW.

All the participants were required to bring along a photo that told a story or meant something to them. I struggled with knowing which picture to choose and eventually chose a dozen and put them on my hubby’s ipad and took them to the workshop.

When we arrived we were greeted by Vanessa Milton who was in charge of running these workshops in the south east coast region. Vanessa’s role is to equip communities in our region with how to tell these important life stories.

Vanessa showed us some inspiring stories that had been documented through other ABC Open projects. Then it was ‘show and tell time’ where we as a group showed Vanessa our photos we’d picked.  We learnt how to interview someone and how to edit the audio so that the interviewers questions weren’t audible.  The final product is a story as told by you with the chosen photo as a backdrop giving meaning and an image to the story begin told.

Here’s an example of what we where creating: http://open.abc.net.au/posts/nance-had-never-touched-a-mouse-before-39ip5tf  I haven’t finished my story yet but will post it when I do.  As a photographer storytelling is a really important aspect for me. This workshop has helped me to understand how to capture who the person is, their heart, soul and the personality of their story. It really has inspired and helped me realise that everyone has a story, it’s just waiting to be told.

What your story? Do you have a quirky family story that needs to be told…..