New beginnings { photo a day for 365 days} January first and second 13 // Bateman Bay child photographer

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January first and second 13

New year has arrived so its time to begin new project or continue ones unfinished. As you may have noticed I enjoy having many projects going at once. This year I want embark on a photo a day for the whole year. I want to focus on the everyday moments not posing the kids too much just capturing those real moments, Im sure there will be days where I do some more posed shots. I tried this project back in 2010 but only got to day 147 so I’m really hoping I can make it all the way.

The plan is to blog each day or maybe each week will have to play that part by ear.

learning to skip
Learning to skip.

January second 13Yesterday we spent sometime at the lake near our house the boys did a spot of fishing.  The girls aren’t always so keen on fishing so often take a book to read or climb some of the near by trees.  This visit they where both in funny moods they spent the whole time pretending to be baby tigers and played wrestling.  I thought only boys played wrestles but it looks like I was wrong.

What projects have you got on the go? Have you too started a 365 project I would love to hear about it.  Feel free to put your link in comments so I can follow along on your projects.