Masterclass: Urban colour palette~ Batemans Bay Photographer

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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to do another assignment,being in Canberra provided me with the perfect opportunity to have a go at capturing some urban colour.

The assignment brief:  Capture urban landscape or city scape in a preplanned, specific style approach of your choosing. Develop a concept or style of photographing rather than exploring your subject matter.

After doing some research into Urban photography I found that there are many genres to choose from and some overlap.  After some thought I decided to go with the concept of capturing urban colour palettes in building around Canberra.

This picture above was taken at Anu of Canberra.  The lighting wasn’t as vibrant as I would have liked. A good and friend and I set out early to maximise early morning lighting but unfortunately it was rather overcast so some of the images may seem a bit flat.

This shot was another colourful building nestled in the Anu campus.  Its funny I’ve lived in Canberra all my life and had no idea there where so many interesting building in the Anu.  The sun came for brief moment during the morning as you can see in this diptych the one on the right the sky is brighter.


The National Museum of Canberra was a good source of colours.

Would love to do some more urban shots at some stage.