What a Year its been!

I’m a little behind in my blog posts as end of year crept up on me.  I haven’t shared much about family or personal stuff on the blog yet so thought I’d share this great little end of year form I got my kids to fill out about their year.  I decided to do this late in afternoon after the kids had been for a big swim so they didn’t hand write it all so I’ve put  together  a diptych with my top favourite photo of each of them.

This year has been a big one for us a family and Im very thankful for the challenges and  blessings.  We’ve had a big move, starting Kylie Verdouw Photography and so on.  Heres a storyboard of all my top favourites of photography sessions I’ve been blessed to have this year.

2011 has been great and Im looking forward to seeing how 2012 unfolds.

Happy New year friends!