Life as I see it { 30 day personal project} day 7// Batemans Bay children photographer

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January 7th | day 7

Todays story: We all slept in till 8am which is a sleep in for us as we usually get up around 7am.  The morning we spent with the kids playing, painting and me pushing Lukie endlessly on the swing.  After morning tea we headed down to the lake which is about few minutes away to do some fishing but it was way too windy so we headed home leaving hubby to fish.

The kids had some down time and read my book.  I love holidays time to relax and read a book! We had any early dinner of fish and chips and then we headed down the beach.

Todays photo is of my eldest daughter Ashley who I’ll nick name bookworm as that really suits most times you’ll find her reading.

My bookworm love reading,climibing trees, daydreaming, playing with her animals and painting.  She tells me she wants to be an artist one day.

Anyway todays photos where taken on a walk just near the beach close to where we live its kinda of like an enchanted wood.  We had fun together pretending to be fairies .

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

~ Kylie