Life as I see it { 30 day personal project} day 15// Batemans Bay newborn photographer

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January 15th | day 15

Today story: I’m a bit of a spoilt woman in that I get breakfast in bed regularly but today was hubs turn.  So I made him his favourite breakkie egg on toast topped with avocado then served up the kids their toast and cartoon.

On the spur of the moment I thought it would be nice on the way to church to  take a shot of the four kids in front of a dilapidated barn at the turn off at Durras and I thought that would be good for todays photo.

Alas last night it rained and it was just too mushy around that are so I decided to try shoot a few shots down near the pier.  The kids were not at all in a good moods for photos so after a few trys I gave up.  So if any of you who have been following along think for one second that life is perfect it is so not we’re normal the kids are moody, fight and I yell.

Anyway moving on after church we had a few groceries to pick up Snugglebug had $3.00 of he pocket money he wanted to spend so we bought a bubble gun.  On a happy note we came home had lunch and kids had some down time and Snugglebug and I had fun with his new bubble gun

Just in case you thought things are always rosey and nice we’re  just normal. :)