Life as I see it { 30 day personal project} day 14 // Batemans Bay children photographer

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January 14th | day 14

Todays story: We have a tradition in our family that on the weekend the kids get  cartoons and toast.  We make a big try of toast and the kids get to eat and watch their favourite cartoons.  Today instead of cartoons  they decided on the smurfs.

After hubs and I finished our cups of tea in bed we started our day by taking a relaxing drive out to Moruya.  Every Saturday between 8am and 1pm Moruya holds a markets.

Being school holiday the markets where very busy but we all enjoyed the exprience. We finished off our time having a trip to the op shop where I found a new vintage sheet, some new cups, hat and some other odds and ends.  Im a bit addicted to op shopping at the moment.  The lady in shop asked me if we where living in a caravan I told her that I just like collecting LOL!

Anyway sorry for the waffle todays photo is of Bookworm. We took a walk around our street and did these shots I really love them all and found it hard to choose.  She has such beautiful dreamy thoughtful look and her eyes are so blue green today as its overcast.

Hope everyone is enjoying the starts of great weekend.

~ Kylie

Bookworm also likes to collect thing here are some of her precious rocks and shells.