10 on 10 June // Batemans Bay children photographer

June 10th, 2012 Sunday long weekend

I’m finding this project to be really stretching me. Its  making me push past trying to be perfect and take captures that are technically acceptable  and rather stop and just capture the details and moments even if I can’t get it perfect.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our day .

Breakfast 7:30 am toast.

8:30 am Bath and hair washing.  Being on tank water this is a weekend routine to wash hair.

9:30 washing the dishes

10:30 a favourite board game.  Shopping memory.

11:30 hanging out in his room.

12:30 we had my cousin and his wife and kids come at stay so the kid all had a great time on the trampoline.

1:30 girl time

2:30 We all went out fishing for squid on the rocks.  The surf was a bit rough so the kids and us ladies sat on the rocks.  The kids found some mud and spent many hours making things.

3:30 tree climbing

4:30 and to end off the six kids chilling out at the botanic gardens.

What have you been up this weekend?