10 on 10 Aug edition { ten photos taken on the tenth of the month}// Batemans Bay newborn photographer

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Aug 10, 2012

I wasn’t so organised this month I only realised it was the tenth when I was looking at my Instagram feed and the lovely Sharon had posted a IG photo which reminded me.

The kids spent many hours playing lego on the kitchen table.

My youngest Mister L love to clean a couple of weeks back I had a very dear friend come the demonstrate  Norwex which is an awesome new cleaning products manly cloths. Mister L is forever grabbing an enviro cloth and cleaning my windows.

I did some cooking which is rare for me lately Mister L helped me.

Yummy juice freshly squeezed.

After afternoon tea we headed into town as I had a few errands.  When we arrived home we all decided to drive down to the beach. This is one of our favourite spots at the moment. The kids have great fun jumping down the large sand dunes. These seagulls where circling around us and I just happened to point my camera up and captured this.


Even hubby had a go and capturing some of the fun on his iphone

Miss A really loves crawling in the sand you see she still has sand on her lips.

Hope everyone has a great weekend  spending time with their love ones.