10 on 10 | April 2012 // Batemans Bay family photographer

April 10th   10 on 10  personal project ( taking 10 images on the 10th day of each month documenting my family life)

I’ve recently meet some lovely fellow photographer through facebook, flicr and instagram and Sharon over at Memories by Sharon Mallin shared a photo last month of a project called 10 on 10 its a personal project to take ten frames on the 10th day of each month for the whole year.

This is my first attempt at this project and I think next month I would love to document our day and take a frame every hour or so but this time I only realised at lunch time so have written on the calendar for next month!

Head over to Sharon’s gorgeous blog and checkout her beautiful captures for her 10 on 10 I had goose bumps looking through them. http://www.memoriesbysharonmallin.com.au/blog/2012/04/10/10-on-10-april-2012-blue-mountains-photographer/

Liana made some lovely jam biscuits for afternoon tea she was so excited I don’t cook often with the kids as it stresses me out so this was a special school holiday treat!

Most day we try and go for a walk to the near by lake the kids all ride their bike and Hubby and I walk.

The boys both wanted to take their scooter instead of their bikes so hubby improvised and helping little Lukie!

This is common sight at our house abandoned shoes.

The lake a resting place and then lastly finishing the day with lighting the fire.  Its been a cold windy day.  I think I have a few more then ten here hope you’ve enjoyed my 10 on 10 see you next month