Plasma car fun { 365 project}// Batemans Bay children photographer

January twenty second and twenty third Twenty 13,

Yesterday I was too busy to capture one of the kids so have chosen an extra photo from the previous day of Miss L.  We had asked the kids to rack up some leaves in the garden as we have many eucalyptus trees that drop their leaves in our yard.  I pulled Miss Liana aside and took a few frames.

As the summer holidays draw to a close soon Im starting to think about school as we homeschool.  A lot of my time lately has been spent researching as we’re doing a new curriculum  this year!  Most of my photos have been left up to the hours of the day which doesn’t always work. Im hoping to be more organised in the next days and weeks.

So todays capture was taken just before dinner the boys decided to play together on the plasma car.  I quietly crept round and captured this shot. The legs that are out of focus are Miss L as she was pulling them on skipping rope they’d tired to the front. So glad I capture their delight as they speed toward me!

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