Life as I see it { 30 day personal project} day 10 // Batemans Bay family photographer

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January 10th | day 10

Todays story: After our lovely busy day in the sun in Narooma yesterday we started off the morning tired. Most the morning was spent playing scrabble, doing puzzles and listening to music.

At morning tea time I took the boys for a drive in the national park to find some large sticks to make a tee pee. Hubs put the tee pee together and the boys had a lovely time reading books in it.  Im sure at some stage the tee pee will feature in this project.

After lunch the kids decided to clean out the car.  Living on the coast means that we make regular trips to the beach and so most the time the car is full of sand.

When the boot was open I decided to walk over and capture them busily working but they saw me and posed. You can tell their photographers children LOL !

another reason for this capture is I’ve stumbled upon another blog which is doing a theme a week for the whole year and this week is the family car.