Life as I see it {30 day personal project} day 5 // Batemans Bay newborn photographer

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January 5th | day 5

Let me introduce my second eldest daughter Liana.  Im going to nick name her Princess on the blog.  Princess is a perfect nickname as she loves anything girly, pink and pretty. She love babies, dancing, dressing up, jewelry etc..

When I told her that it was her turn for doing a photo of the day.  She asked if I could photograph her playing with her tea set with her favourite doll Molly.

Today was overcast and a bit dizzly in the late evening. We ended up going on a walk to the beach after dinner. Princess stubbed her toe on  a rock and we all knew about it but she soon mustered up a smile .  As I was taking this I asked her to open her eyes and she made a face and then we had a laugh and I caught this shot which I really love.

So heres my choice and a few of her playing as she had asked.