Favourite things and getting back to routine// Batemans Bay family photographer

29th January Twenty 16.

I have been in total holiday mode lately loosing track of what day it is, staying up late and then sleeping in. When the theme came up for routine as part of my 52 week project I was a little stumped as what to shoot. The only thing that came to mind was the one routine that has been the same for me since I was in my teens and that is that I have a cup of tea in the morning. It helps me slowly wake up not being a morning person taking my time to drink my tea helps me wake up and begin my day.

This image is of my daughter who now has taken on my love tea in the morning too!3_52_routines

Im sharing two images this week as I have become a little behind with the last two weeks prompts.
Week 4 wow can’t believe we’re in fourth week of January! Favourite things

Again it was struggle to decide on a favourite thing but after some thought I decided to do some food photography, not that food photography is favourite think insert giggle!
I grew up with the most prolific apricot tree in our backyard when I was growing up and I have fond memories of my mum stewing and baking apricot tarts and pies. I think this where my love for all thing apricots began. So this weeks favourite thing is apricot tart.

what are your favourite things ? Is it something in your past ? or something new I would love hear so please feel free comment and share your favourite things :)