Session Details

before we meet

It's my absolute desire that I provide you with pieces of art. This art should reflect who you are as a person, family or couple. So I can create that unique piece of art that represents you we need to discuss some session details. I would like to discuss location options, clothing ideas, props and a session time that suits you. This can be done over the phone, by Facebook messaging or by email.

the session

I like my sessions to be natural and relaxed allowing children to make noise and move as needed. I shy away from formal poses as I want to photograph people being natural. This allows me to observe and capture those special moments. I am more of an introvert so you won’t find me being too loud or jokey but Im sure we will laugh and have fun.

session duration

Session times will be early morning or late afternoon as these are times when the light is at it's best for photographing. Overcast days are also good as the cloud cover disperses light evenly. I will chat and interact with you during the session as this allows me to connect with you and tell your story. Obviously newborn sessions are a little different. I will work closely with the new mums to ensure we don't interrupt the babies sleeping patterns.

after the session

Images from your session will be edited and crafted to create unique photographs. My intent is that you will be proud to hang these images in your home. All edited images will be displayed in a client gallery where you may select the images you wish to purchase. I endeavour to have a preview for you view a day after your session which is done via private Facebook messaging or by email.

session details