Life as I see it{ 30 day personal project}//Batemans Bay Photographer Jan 3rd

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Yesterday we had a full day of swimming at the pool, fishing and then swimming in the near by lake with some close friends who came down from Canberra to visit so I  missed yesterdays photo.

The summer weather has finally set in and we have been spending many enjoyable hours at the nearby pool.  Todays photo is special to me as it shows my youngest who is 4 and half being thrown by his dad into pool.  In the last two days he has just grown up so much he now swims with flippers only no floaties.  This week he swum to the bottom of the pool and touched it his face was priceless.  Unfortunately I was swimming too so didnt capture it.

Anyway heres my photo for today plus a few extras.  Hope your all enjoying your holidays and the summer weather.

this is his flippers which is mostly what I see as Im sitting on the pool side watching. He just can’t get enough of diving under the water.