10 on 10 better late than never// Batemans bay newborn photographer



I’m rather late with posting this as we had a lovely visit to Canberra on the weekend for mother’s day.  It we had a great weekend spending time with family and friends and enjoying beautiful Canberra Autumn as its really at it peak at the moment. Anyway here are the photos taken on the 10th this month I tried to take a photo every hour or so.

Hope you enjoy a little peak into our day.

Breakfast 8:00

9:00 homeschool learning letters with rods

We’re doing a unit study using Ping which the kids are adoring!

10:00 Morning tea. The other day I did a vintage photoshoot and had the homemade lemonade leftover which kids had as a treat in the bottles.

11:00 finished another crocheted beanie.

1:00 After lunch each day we all go for a walk ride. Meaning the kids ride their bikes and Hubby and I walk all the way to the near by lake and then back home on the way we pass the skate park so the kids get a few minutes there before we continue on our walk .  Mister J is getting so daring!

2:00 ish the lake calm and still.

3:00 suppose to be having quiet time but not so happy about being on his bed.

At about 4:30 we went down to Wasp head which is a really  great fishing spot a few minutes away from house.  Hubby caught some scrummie squid  and the kids and I had fun on the rocks.  Mister J is such a scream this picture is so Him mucking around with his sister’s beanine.

What have you been up too? Have you any projects on the go?